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miami with toddlers

As a parent with a young toddler, it can be challenging to find a comfortable place to enjoy brunch or breakfast. Toddlers between the ages of 1.5 and 2.5 are in a transitional stage where they are no longer babies but are not yet able to participate in many activities. Through trial and error, I have discovered several spots that offer a cozy environment where both parents and children can comfortably brunch and spend time together (moms are people too, right?).

**Please note that these places are not specifically designed for kids, but they are still a great option for families to comfortably brunch while spending some time together.**


1. Lido Bayside Grill

Known for its delicious food and warm, inviting atmosphere, Bubby’s quickly became one of their favourite spots. They were often seen at the cafe as they loved to enjoy a leisurely brunch together on the weekends.

We fell in love with this gem cafe! We were absolutely enamoured with this hotel and spa facility. It boasts breathtaking bayside views and a delicious breakfast and brunch menu, all of which are complemented by the tranquil atmosphere of the cozy gardens. As we enjoyed our meal, my little ones were delighted by the passing boats and the peaceful ambiance. On the way back to the car, we took a moment to appreciate the calming hammocks and gentle water fountains, which made this oasis even more enjoyable.


2. Juice and Java (Treesome Food Chain Cafes)

Juice and Java have become like family to us. Last year, we had the pleasure of staying next door to this charming cafe in Sunny Isles. Located right across Aqualina residences and the beach access – you are welcome to grab breakfast/brunch while walking to the beach with your family. Very impressed with the variety of delicious and healthy foods.

P.S. My kids’ absolute favourite is a sesame bagel – it’s not your typical bagel – it’s a super soft, oven-baked rounded baguette-like bread that is simply irresistible. They can’t get enough of it. There hasn’t been a day when my little ones did not ask for it. As a bonus, after breakfast/brunch – we enjoy a beach stroll or a little swim right across. Parking is also available at your convenience.


3. Cotton Candy in Marketplace

If you want to impress your kids, visit the Bayside Marketplace, where you can stroll by boats and yachts in a charming, albeit bustling area with plenty to do. You’ll find many gourmet cafes and delicious pizzas to sample, but the highlight of our visit was Melania Cotton Candy, known for its elaborate cartoon-inspired cotton candies. While older kids will likely appreciate it the most, even toddlers can enjoy watching the process.


4. Le Zoo @ Bal Harbour Shops

***Fancy spot! Discover a luxurious locale to relish special moments with your family and little ones. Delight in a leisurely stroll through the picturesque mall, adorned with enchanting ponds brimming with swimming turtles and fish. For a truly sumptuous dining experience, check out LeZoo, a kid-friendly café serving French cuisine and providing crayons and drawing kits to entertain the children. Secure your spot in advance or let spontaneity guide you and ask the friendly host for availability.

On the third floor, discover a delightful little café where you can savor a myriad of flavours and toppings with your ice cream and gelatos. Indulge in the delicious coffee and relish in the fact that their gelato is vegan and dairy-free without sacrificing taste. This charming spot is perfect for those seeking a small, intimate space to enjoy their delectable treats.


5. Nikki Beach @ South Pointe Park

You won’t believe it, but we had an amazing time with our children at Nikki Beach Cafe. Situated almost right on the beach, the cafe boasts a lively, club-like atmosphere complete with upbeat music. However, arriving around 4-4:30 pm for dinner provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the ambiance. The tables are conveniently situated right in the sand, allowing children to play and soak up the beach-like vibes.

While my toddler was busy building sandcastles, I enjoyed some of the best chicken satay I’ve ever had. And, to top it off, the Pina Coladas served in coconut shells added another level of delight to the experience.


6. Aventura Mall

This is our go-to on rainy days or when the weather is unfavourable.

We’ve discovered that on weekends, the Amazonica stand on the first floor of Aventura Mall serves delectable cheese buns that every toddler would adore. Soft, warm, and perfectly scrumptious!

On the same floor, you’ll find a charming little playground where children can lose themselves in a jungle-themed area. Although I find the supervisors to be somewhat overbearing, as they discourage older siblings from joining in, it’s often impossible to keep them contained in one area. However, this is a minor issue, and the playground is still a great spot to spend some quality time with the kids.

Overall, Aventura Mall is a wonderful place to visit, offering a wide range of cafes and activities perfect for enjoying with your toddlers.


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